Working Group Structure

Our working group “Young Tribologists” consist of young people, which are very interested in Tribology. So that everything works well, the working group is directed by two working group leader – of course frictionless. Currently, Jennifer Eickworth (Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM MikroTribologie Centrum µTC), Carina Morstein (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie KIT Mikrotribologie Centrum µTC) and Florian Rummel (NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH) do this job. They care that we meet regularly together to our working group meetings and all kinds of issues are well coordinated. The working group leaders also attend to advisory board meetings of the Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V. to represent the working group “Young Tribologists”. The main goal of our working group is to inspire young people for Tribology and address, how important knowledge in the field of Tribology is in research and development. That’s why we founded and built up four groups within our working groups, which channel different ways of communication. Underneath there is one group, which develop and set up interesting experiments. Those experiments are presented on tribology conferences and as teaching objects at universities.

Carina Morstein

Florian Rummel

Jennifer Eickworth

Further, one group is responsible to organize the annual Young Tribological Researcher Symposium, which is a platform for meetings of Young Tribologists. The Symposium provides also young greenhorns in the field of Tribology the possibility to practice professional presentations or for example Young Tribologists can assure their upcoming PHD presentations. This sounds like you would hear only presentations with medium quality, but this is not the case in each of our symposiums in the past. The content of every presentation where more than interesting and where presented professional and very well.

To provide Young Tribologists also knowledge exchange with experts, one group organizes regulary exchanges. Therefore, we invite experts to our working group meetings and discuss defined topics. Another opportunity which is given within our working group is the annual meeting during the Tribologie Conference in Göttingen with members of the Göttinger Kreis – also called as Vogelpohl Prize Winners.

Of course, we also want to expand our international contacts, to network German and Austrian Young Tribologists also with the rest of the world. We just grow up this group as a part of our working group and are very excited about the perspective of Young Tribologists from other parts of the world.

Nothing goes on without marketing, why one group is specialized on distributing working group information, building up and optimizing our website, design flyers, support the GfT main homepage, being active on LinkedIn and so on.

We really like Tribology and we really would like to bring this field closer to YOU.