Working Group Members

Our working group members

Picture Surname Name Organisation Function Focus
Anatolij Smirnov Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH Technical Service Manager Lubricants, Viscosity Improver, Triboanalytic
Anton Kalimullin Magna PT B.V. & Co. KG Clutch-Tribo Engineering Wet Clutch Systems
Benedict Rothammer FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg Academic council PVD/PECVD coating, coating systems (DLC, MXene, TENG, etc.)
Carina Morstein Karlsruhe Institute of Technology | MikroTribologie Centrum µTC Research Assistant Graphite and Graphen as solid lubricants
Christian Orgeldinger Universität Bayreuth Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Christian Scholz Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH Project Manager Technical Business Development Coating Technology, Surface Technology
Daniel Grötsch TU München Research Assistant Thermofluidsimulation Wet Clutches
Daniela Hübler Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung Research Assistant
Dennis Konopka IMKT University Hannover Research Assistant Dry Lubrication, Micro Tribology, Wear, Bearings
Dennis Mallach University Münster Research Assistant Triboanalytic
Emanuel Tack Oerlikon Surface Solutions AG Project Manager Automotive PVD DLC coatings, rolling bearings, internal combustion engines
Florian Rummel NETZSCH Gerätebau GmbH Technology and Product Manager Biotribology, Rheology
Henrik Buse Kompetenzzentrum Tribology University of Applied Sciences Mannheim Research Assistant Fretting, Tribology in CFK cutting
John Burbank Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH Developement Engineer E-Mobility Electro-Tribometric Testmethod Developement
Julius Heinrich Anton Paar Germany GmbH Productspecialist Tribology, Rheology, Testing of components
László Katona AC2T research GmbH Senior Scientist Simulation & electrical Contacts
Marcella Frauscher AC2T Research GmbH Manager Research Area Lubricants Lubricant and Fules and their Surface Interaction
Max Baumann iwis motorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG Developement Engineer Chain Developement, Friction Basics
Max Marian FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg Research Assistant Simulation Thermo-Elastohydrodynamic Contacts (TEHD)
Mirjam Bäse Magna Powertrain GmbH & Co KG Tribology Specialist Wet Clutches and Transmission Oils
Patrick Beau Volkswagen AG Surface Technology & Tribology Specialist
Patrick Strobl TU München Research Assistant Friction Behavior Wet Clutches
Rebekka Drafz Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH Head of Product Management Automotive OEM Transmission Oils
Sebastian Wandel IMKT University Hannover Research Assistant Tribology, Bearings
Simon Weber Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau Research Assistant Lubricants, Friction and Wear
Solange Sanahuja
Stephan Henzler Carl Bechem GmbH Technology Manager Lubricants
Timo Stukenkemper
Tobias Schlarb Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH Application Engineer Molycote Special Lubricants consistent lubricants and pastes
Torben Terwey thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH Projectmanager Bearings for Windenergy Applications
Tristan Rahm Fuchs Lubritech GmbH Produktmanager Greases Wind Power and Automotive