Dear attendees, who are interested in our Symposia!

Due to the Corona pandemic, this year is non comparable to other ones. That’s why we decided against the idea of organizing the Tribology Symposium this year after a long thinking phase.

So, the symposia will take place next year in February. The exact date will be decided and published as soon as possible.

Of course, we would like to hold on the Young Tribologists network, why we plan to organize our working group meeting at the originally planned date of the Symposium on 22th of July 2020 as a half day online meeting. We already were successful in winning Mr. Mager of ZF company to attend as a professional. An exact agenda will be published from our side, soon.

To strengthen our perceptions further, we would also like to organize a 2 h webinar, where we present our working group similar as we already did on this years International Tribology Colloquium in Esslingen. Also, the idea was born to win some professionals for a short talk. We will discuss this idea on our next working group meeting.

Therefore, also your ideas are needed. You`re welcome to share them with us in advance.

In this context, we hope everyone of you, your family and friends is in good health and is not affected direct or indirectly by the Corona virus.

Best wishes of

Young Tribologists