About us


We are interested and committed Young Tribologists from universities and industry under 40 years old. We would like to offer young people of the field Tribology a platform for knowledge exchange and networking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Win Win

From our experience, we and also our employer have a lot of advantages with being a member of our working group. This includes:

  • Encouragement of the own visibility within the Tribology community
  • Contacts for Young Tribologists on big conferences
  • Building up contacts with professionals
  • Be safer with presentations
  • Saving of time due to direct and sustainable contacts
  • Tribological background information, you don’t get just like that
  • Experiences and synergies to our questions
  • Exchange about innovative technologies
  • Neutral discussions out of the daily work
  • Comprehensive opportunities to be creative in Tribology
  • Long-standing friendships